Zoe Yarwood; designer, illustrator and pattern cutter.

As a designer I want to create pieces that are wearable yet unique, something that can portray a personality and will make the wearer stand out as confident and a follower of their own fashion. My designs cater for the fun, unique and fashion conscious, and the garments are unusual and edgy. I picture the wearer appreciating the creation and the fabrics, loving them and caring for the pieces.

I am inspired by the soft drape of jersey and knit fabrics and the shapes and textures created by fabric manipulation. I love to fold, gather, crumple and crease fabrics into shapes. My main design inspirations are the paintings of Viennese artist Egon Schiele, who created highly textured, layered, beautiful paintings of women. I also reference Japanese pattern cutting techniques and often use these as a starting point for a draped shape. Born in the 80’s I of course love to look back at this bright, shoulder-padded decade!

Questions and Comments

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